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BagwormsBagwormsBagworms belong to a moth family called Psychidae. Their larvae live inside of peculiar cases or bags which they make from various plant materials or sand. Some species have wingless, legless, worm-like females that continue to live in their cases as adults and even mate with males from these cases. While many are plant pests, there is one species that may be a nuisance on home exteriors. This is Solenobia walshella, the cigar case bagworm. These are about 1/4 inch long and appear grey and sandy in texture. The cigar case bagworm has the annoying habit of crawling up on the outer walls and eaves of homes and becoming more or less stationary and unsightly. Not much is known about this bagworm. They are suspected of eating lichens or algae which are found on branches, bark, fence posts and sometimes on the sides of homes.