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CricketsCricketsThere are two major cricket species that may invade homes. These include field crickets and the house cricket. The house cricket is the most common home invader in our area. The house cricket adult averages about 3/4 inch long and is yellowish-brown or straw-colored, with 3 dark bands on the head. It has slender antennae which are longer than the body. Field crickets are similar in appearance, but are black instead of yellowish. House crickets can survive a long time indoors. They are found in warm, dark locations, hiding by day and coming out at night, when they make their presence known by their chirping. They have been known to damage wool, nylon, fabrics and leather. They may also chew on paper and rubber, and on garments made of cotton, linen, silk or fur, especially those stained by perspiration or food. Aside from their chirping and damage to stored goods, crickets can create odor problems when they die. This is especially noticeable when numbers are high.