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Fungus gnats (houseplants)Fungus gnats (houseplants)Fungus gnats are tiny, dark, slender flies about 1/8” long which commonly infest the soil and roots of houseplants. Adult fungus gnats are mainly a nuisance, flying around plants and running on the soil and other nearby surfaces. The larvae of some species attack roots. With sufficient numbers of larvae present, larval damage may cause yellowing and wilting of leaves. Larvae of other species simply feed in decaying organic matter in the soil and do no harm to the plants. Mature larvae are about 1/4” long with a shiny black head and white, almost transparent body. Fungus gnats may be brought inside when plants are moved indoors from the garden, come in through screens, or be brought into the home with new plant purchases. Fungus gnats prefer moist areas and soils high in organic material.