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Jumping spidersJumping spidersJumping spiders are compact, active, and usually colorful spiders that are found on window sills, ceilings, and on outside walls and foundations of homes. These spiders have large eyes, and use their good eyesight to catch prey. Jumping spiders do not use webs to catch prey but instead slowly advance towards the prey and then pounce on it and grab it in their jaws. Jumping spider bite symptoms are similar to yellowjackets but less pronounced. Typically, it is only the larger species that are of a concern for biting humans. If you are bitten by a spider, bring the spider to an expert for correct identification and you may want to seek medical attention. Spiders are generally considered beneficial because they are predators. However, they can be a nuisance pest indoors. For more information, see the following publication: Common Spiders of Washington EM113E at