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Seed bugsSeed bugsSeed bugs are true bugs with piercing-sucking mouthparts. The front wings are hardened or leathery near the base with distinct veins and membranous near the tips. The wings are crossed in an X pattern when folded. Seed bugs vary in size from under 1/4" to about 1/2" in length. The body is narrow, flattened, and elongate. The many species of native and introduced seed bugs are variously colored and marked, from grayish or brownish to dark brown or black marked with white. Two introduced, exotic species (<i>Raglius alboacuminatus</i>, the “tuxedo bug,” and <i>Rhyparochromis vulgaris</i>) have recently become a nuisance in homes in some areas. Seed bugs are attracted (possibly by lights or warmth) to homes in early to late fall, often in large numbers. They may be a particular nuisance in areas near fields or weedy lots. These insects do not cause any damage to buildings, nor are they pests of stored foods. Some seed bugs give off an objectionable odor, while others may occasionally bite. Seed bugs may enter the home in large numbers through vent screens, thresholds, gaps in and around window and door framing, with firewood, etc.