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Spider mitesSpider mitesSpider mites are common pests of indoor plants, thriving in the warm, dry conditions found in most homes. Each tiny eight-legged, spider-like mite is about the size of a period and can best be seen with magnification. The two-spotted spider mite is one of the most common pests, and is straw-colored, often with two dark blotches on the body. These pests puncture and feed on the underside of the leaves, causing yellowish to bronze to silvery "stippling" to appear on the leaf surface. Middle-aged leaves tend to show the earliest symptoms. A large infestation can cause yellowing, wilting, and leaf drop. Spider mites produce strands of silk, much like a spider. This webbing is often visible on the underside of leaves and between leaves and stems. The mites may be seen crawling about on the webbing. Spider mites can be introduced with new plants, by bringing outdoor plants inside to overwinter, or through open screens during summer months. Healthy plants can usually tolerate low levels of mite infestation, but response to mite damage varies widely with plant species.