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YellowjacketsYellowjacketsYellowjackets are about 1/2 inch long as workers. They are striped with black and yellow or black and white. They are social wasps with an annual life cycle. Fertilized queens overwinter in protected sites to begin the building of a new colony each spring. The colony declines after new queens and males are produced in late summer or fall. They do not re-use old nests. They are aggressive and will sting when irritated. There are two kinds of colonies--ground nesters and aerial nesters. Ground nesters are both scavengers and predators, hence can be a real nuisance (threat) at picnics. Aerial nesters tend to be less of a nuisance at picnics or barbecues since they are almost exclusively predators. The exception is when they build nests over doorways or in well-trafficked areas. Ground nesters frequently build nests in wall voids or attics and are particularly troublesome as they sometimes chew their way into rooms. Yellowjackets are particularly aggressive in late summer or fall and sometimes sting without being provoked. They are attracted to certain odors and colors.